Saturday, January 20, 2018

How to do eKYC of a Mobile Number at Home? Link Aadhar to your Mobile instantaneously!

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This time I am here with a very important information which will make you happy because by following this instructions you can save your precious time.

Aadhar Mobile Link Process
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Friend, You know that Government Of India made Aadhar mandatory for using the SIM in India. So it is made compulsory for all existing customers to link their mobile number to their Aadhar. But for this you have to visit to your network provider store for eKYC. This is very tedious task for those who don't want to go anywhere.

Therefore, In this post I am here with a amaze alternate solution which can save your time and money too. Follow the instructions and link your Mobile with Aadhar instantaneously just by dialing a toll free number.

Steps to Follow:

  1. First of all you have to dial a number 14546 (toll free) from your mobile which has to be linked.
  2. On the IVRS you have to choose your Nationality.
  3. Then simply press 1 for granting the permission for Aadhar Linking.
  4. After your permission you have to verify your Aadhar details through an OTP.
  5. In next step, network operator will fetch your personal information like your name, DOB, photo and address from UIDAI Database with your permission.
  6. At last you have to enter last four digit of your mobile number and again an OTP verification will be held. 
  7. Then enter OTP and complete the linking procedures. You will receive successful Aadhar Linking prompt. Thus your Mobile Number is successfully linked with Aadhar. Enjoy.!!
Kindly feel free to comment here if you feel any difficulties or error. Your comments motivate me for writing such posts.

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