Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Update Set Top Box Software through RS 232 port using PC?

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I am sorry because I am here after a long time but today I am going to share a easy method through which you can update or recover your free to air set top box receiver.

Hardware Tools Needed:

  1. A PC with RS 232 Ports.
  2. A null modem female to female out cable
Before we start, I want to clear your knowledge about RS 232 ports and Null Modem cable.

RS 232 Port:

Actually RS 232 port is nothing but a serial port having 9 pin or 25 pin. In the oldest pc it was available with 25 pins called DB 25 pin out port. Be careful that DB 25 pin serial port and LPT Printer port are different.

Now a days DB 9 pin serial ports are provided in the PC which is similar to the above picture. 

What to do when RS 232 Port is not available :
If this port is not available in your pc then you can use USB to RS 232 converter cable. Some times it is also seen that a Serial port is provided in the motherboard but there is no port available then you can easily check it at Device Manager. If Communication Port (COM 1) is displaying then you have to connect a RS 232 ribbon bracket to your mother board which is easily available in market having cost around rs. 100.

Null Modem Cable

Null modem is nothing but a serial cable having both sides female out. In this cable Pin 2 is connected with Pin 3 and Pin 3 is connected with Pin 2 and Pin 5 is Connected with Pin 5. You can also buy it online.

Software Needed:

For updating your set top box you must know about your STB chipset. Now a days, in India mostly Ali Chipset based STBs are available. So you need the following software:
  1. A PC with Windows Operating System
  2. Loader Software for STB
  3. Latest Firmware for your STB
  4. Serial Cable Driver Software (optional)

How to do:

  1. Connect your STB through null modem cable to your PC.
  2. Launch the Loader Software.
  3. Select the correct COM port (eg. COM 1)
  4. Select the Firmware file and press next.
  5. Wait for update getting 100%.
  6. You will see Update Success Pop Up.
  7. Now disconnect your STB and Enjoy the new software.

Some times this method is also used for recovering the dead STBs. Do it with your own risk.

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  1. Where can i found file of tata sky stb.

    1. Generally paid DTH set top box is updated using OTA (Over the Air using their satellite link) (No option for RS 232) . But as per your request I will write a separate post about this topic soon with firmware , links and loader details. In a meantime you can share your tata sky box hardware configuration here in comment box.

  2. I have a skylife set top box model DMT-3700HD, can we convert it to fta?

    1. Kindly provide full hardware details of your stb..

    2. I can send you photos of my stb through email.
      I would like to show you the cpu and memory used. thank you for your response

  3. Is this useful with TP-Link Routers ????
    please reply

    1. TP routers can be updated using their admin panel options. Further if you want more options in your router you can go with DD WRT custom roms. I will write a seperate post in details regrading this. Keep Connected.!

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  5. Hi..
    Thank you very much for the nice article. Please can you provide a download link for Loader Software for SOLID HDS2-6069 box. I downloaded many Loader Softwares but they are configured for different boxes and I'm getting "STB memory error". Thank you.

    1. Kindly provide Chipset details of your STB.It is with Sunplus or Ali?

  6. When I tried to flash software in my Solid hds2 9048 box, it is showing "set stb memory error". What is this error and how to resolve it

    1. It is generally occured when you use wrong loader software.