Saturday, April 9, 2016

How to Update Solid IG 740 HD S2 STB (Novatek Chipset) through RS 232 port using PC?

Hello Friends!!
In my previous post I had given the basic idea about the Software update of STBs using PC. You can read that post here
But many friends requested me to write about the Software update of Novatek based STBs so today I will teach you how to update Solid IG 740 HD S2 STB which is based on Novatek chipset.

Tools Needed:

  1. A PC with windows operating System
  2. Null modem cable with both sides female out
  3. Loader Software for Novatek Chipset (Download)
  4. Latest firmware file in .ssu format (Download) for Solid IG 740

Steps to follow:

  • Connect the Solid IG 740 STB using null modem cable to PC.
  • Power On the Box.
  • Select the correct Com Port (eg. COM 1)
  • Click on Open Port and then click on Download button.
  • Power Off the STB and select the Solid IG 740 latest .ssu firmware file.
  • Press OK and power On the STB. You will see the Waiting message and after few second the update will start. Usually it takes 10 to 15 minutes. Don't power off the STB during update. It may dead your STB.
  • At last you will see the Update Successful Popup. Just wait for booting the STB automatically and then after remove the cable and enjoy the new software.!!!

Note: We are not responsible for any error or damage caused. Do it with your own risk.

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